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Did you know...

 Why you should hire a “Licensed Gas Contractor”?
You get a qualified, experienced and trained professional with up-to-date knowledge of existing and new equipment.
You get a contractor whose licence ensures they have a work performance bond who then...
•Obtains the permit on your behalf
•Manages the inspection process and will repair all deficiencies
•Has the training and expertise required to do the job well and safely
•Employs people who are qualified and bonded

How a “Bonded” Gas Contractor protects you and your family?
A “surety bond” is a contract amount at least three parties. In short, the BC Safety Authority assures, you the homeowner, are protected should any work not be done to the local safety code.

Why you should hire a “Licensed Plumber”?
Some small home repairs can easily be carried out by the homeowner. However, when faced with major repairs or renovations, it is sometimes necessary to hire someone to do the job. However, many people do not realize that if any plumbing work or repairs are completed by an unlicensed plumber, should an insurance claim be made because of the failure of that work or repair, their insurance carrier has the right to refuse compensation because the work was not completed by a licensed or registered plumber.

Why you should not hire someone who is not registered with WorkSafeBC?
If a contractor is unregistered with Worksafe BC and is injured at your residence, WCB will come after you personally for the payments they make to the worker.
You can't rely on not knowing the registered status of the contractor or that he "told you" he had WCB coverage. It also doesn't matter if the injury happened as a result of the contractor's own negligence.
- To meet your obligations, you have to get the contractor's WCB number and get a clearance letter from the following web page.
- The law requires WorkSafeBC to compensate injured workers - even when employers have not registered with WorkSafeBC.

Protect yourself - Check the registration status of contractors.
When you hire people to work in or around your home, always ask them whether they carry their own coverage. If they do, ask for their WorkSafeBC account numbers. Double-check their information by requesting an online clearance letter from WorkSafeBC before they begin working for you and before you make a final payment. A clearance letter gives you assurance that you won't be held responsible for someone else's payments to WorkSafeBC.

You should ask for proof of Liability Insurance
Again, when hiring anyone to come and do work within your home, you should ensure that they carry some form of Liability Insurance
As a responsible homeowner, your house is adequately insured. But your coverage probably does not extend to your home as a construction site. Should something happen, as a result of the construction, your insurance will not cover that.
Your contractor should have third-party liability insurance for all the people on the job and damage they may cause ($2 million is standard).